Late Nights


I honestly don’t know why I’m always up at such strange times of day. Sometimes I wish I got up earlier so I could be more productive, but I honestly feel like I’m way more productive late at night. Or at least that’s what I tell myself 😆.


Busy Busy Busy…

Hey guys, sorry for the EXTREMELY late post. It’s been a pretty busy weekend since I’ve got exams coming up this week and went to a double birthday party (so two parties in one day). So, bare with me for the next week and a bit since my professors seem to have no mercy in terms of exams or assignments right now XD. I did get to make some cute birthday cards this weekend and I thought I’d take a quick picture since I was really happy with how they came out.


Just another day


Today could have been a bad day, but I decided that I didn’t want it to be. So, I got off my butt for an hour and did something that probably only I would consider fun. I watched a video that I was looking forward to and I drew a picture that I’m fairly happy with. So yeah, the day did start out crummy, but at least it didn’t finish that way.


I’m on time!


I started typing this at 11:59 so technically I’m on time. Don’t judge. The life of a student is a tough one. If I handed in an assignment 11:59 it’s technically on time…I think. I’m not risky enough to finds out. XD Anyway…I’ve been trying to practice my realism lately and that’s how this picture came along.