The Nugget Cave!

THE NUGGET CAVE! What strange wonders does it hold? More nuggets? Monstermon cards? Cindy’s dog perhaps? Find out next time on Dragon ball Z!

(On a more serious note, this is a picture of the kids from the game Kindergarten. I very strange but funny game.)

Nugget Cave.jpg


Sketchy Sketch

I did this sketch of Kuramochi (his laugh gives me life) from Diamond no Ace/ Ace of Diamond a little while ago and I really liked how it turned out. That’s really all there is to it…so it’s a sketchy sketch as an old teacher of mine would say.

Kuramochi Base.jpg


Toxic Relationship

Spoilers Ahead (Sort of)! Beware!

I finished playing a route in this game called Mystic Messenger recently. Overall I really like the game but there was one relationship between two character (that I’ve drawn) V and Rika that kind of bothered me a bit. It was very mentally abusive ( I won’t get into it too much though) and I started to wonder why people stay in these toxic relationships? I know there isn’t really a simple answer to that question but it still kept popping up in my mind. So why did I decide to draw them then you ask (Or maybe you’re not asking)?  I decided to draw V and Rika because I honestly felt sorry for them.

V and Rika Edit_bak



:sparkles: Decided to draw my boy Kai from Beyblade Season 1. This show is literally my childhood. :heart:It was one of the better kids shows out at the time. They make kids shows a lot differently now which is unfortunate because this is honestly a show I can still enjoy now.



Happy Birthday Kisaragi! I had tried drawing him a few times before and just couldn’t get it right. So, I thought drawing him and posting it on his birthday would be a good goal to set for myself. And yes, he is another Fire Emblem character. I’m so glad you asked :p

Kisaragi : Fire Emblem
I love Kisaragi so much! He’s adorable.